Kennesaw, GA



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Time is the greatest gift we can offer ourselves. At IFC, we like to teach busy bodies to take “their” time. Retreats are held at the beautiful Elohee Retreat Center located in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains and at gorgeous Callaway Gardens located in the incredible foothills of Pine Mountain, Georgia.

We partner with Elohee & Callaway Gardens to provide an opportunity for guests to submerge themselves in the wonderment of beautiful healing land as we take ourselves to a place of encouragement, awareness, being still and overall self nourishment for the body, mind and spirit through nature. Retreats held by IFC, are spiritual journey’s of self discovery that nourish, console and inspire.

Weekend Retreats facilitated by IFC is a time where we immerse ourselves in Rest and Relaxation, Soulful Conversations, Personal Intention Setting, Purposeful Journaling, Restful Meditation, Yoga, Yoga Stretch Therapy, Light Exercise, Chakra Balancing and much more.

Time truly is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and in order to give the best we have, we must be our best self. Being our best self is accomplished by keeping our own Soul Cup filled, first.

For Retreat Dates and Details –  contact us.