Take time to get away from the day to day and focus on you

Retreats are held at the beautiful Callaway Resort & Gardens  located in the foothills of Pine Mountain, Georgia. 2,500 acres of Mother Natures’ breathtaking landscape enables us to fulfill our mission of, “connecting mankind and nature in a way that benefits both.” We invite guests to disconnect from the busy patterns of everyday life and completely submerge themselves in the wonderment of beautiful healing land as we take ourselves to a place of encouragement, awareness, being still and overall self nourishment for the body, mind and spirit, through nature.

Retreats are designed and created for everybody’s body and no level of expertise is required to attend, only a willingness to learn and explore a path to wellness. Each guest will experience a spiritual journey of self discovery intended to completely nourish, console and inspire each individual to be their best self.

Weekend Retreats facilitated by owner of IFC, Amy Fendley, leads guests towards immersing in Rest and Relaxation, Soulful Conversations, Personal Intention Setting, Purposeful Journaling, Restful Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Yoga / Yoga Stretch Therapy, Light Exercise, Nutrition discussion, and much more.

2019 Retreat Dates

Jan 18-20

(Rejuvenation Immersion)

*deep nurturing of the mind, heart, soul and spirit


April 26-28

(Mind Cleanse)

*reset your mind and fall in love with disconnecting


June 7-9

 (Spirit Senses & Self Enrichment)

*meditation immersion & self love


Sept 20-22

(Life in Balance)

*natural antidepressants breath & body awareness ~ dedicated to the soul & emotional well-being.